Regulation is lacking in logistics, transport operation, say Babawale


Former Director General, Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC), Professor Babawale Tunde has advocated the need to have strong institution in Nigeria, stressing that without strong institution; Nigeria may not attain the desire and development.

Speaking on regulation at Courier and Logistics Management Institute 2019 investiture in Lagos recently, Babawale reiterated that regulation is seriously lacking in Logistics and transport operation in Nigeria, noting that where regulation is available, it is poorly implemented.

The former DG of CBAAC explained that one of the major problems in Nigeria society is weak institution, pointing that an institution cannot be run without policy. He called for strong regulatory agency on logistics, courier and transportation in Nigeria.

He said “we need to have a regulatory authority in Courier, logistics and Transport sector. These fields cannot be regulated without regulatory authority. Courier, logistics and transport sector can only work when the country works”.

Babawale decried the anomalies in the nations’ port, saying things can only work when the people working at the port have change of attitude.

Former Director General, Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC), Professor Babawale Tunde

“The port cannot work with law alone, the port also require the mind of the people working directly or indirectly at the port. There are people working at the port with the mindset of making money for their pocket through bribe. There are many that always want to cut corner and defy due process. There are several people with negative mindset; unless this type of people have change of mind, things will not work”, Babawale said.

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