Cost of hauling in Nigeria is 10 times higher than Ghana, South Africa


The cost of doing business in and around the ports as well as cost of road haulage in Nigeria is extremely higher than what is obtainable in South Africa and Ghana, a research work by a research company, SBM has revealed.

The research company, SBM in its research work tracked shipments over a period of three months to three ports in Africa, and came up with the average costs of first, shipping goods in from the EU, the terminal charges that containers pay while they are in those ports, and the average cost of local transportation from the port to selected warehouses within the port cities.

The company in its finding said “ the costs for the Apapa Port in Lagos are by far the highest, five times higher than in Durban, South Africa, and three times higher than in Tema, Ghana.

“While each of the component parts of this dataset, shipping charges, terminal charges and local transport, are highest for Lagos, it is local transport, 10 times the cost in Lagos than in both Durban and Tema, that really makes Lagos an expensive place to do business in”, the report said.

ABM is a research based company leveraging on technology.

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