DPR sets Deadline for Tanker Drivers, Downstream Operation Staff on Minimum Industry Safety Training


  …Calls for Accreditation of Training Facilities

Ranmilowo Ojalumo

As part of efforts to sustain basic safety in the downstream sector of the Nigeria economy, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), the Petroleum Regulatory Agency of Nigeria, has set the 1st of September, 2020 date for the commencement of enforcement of the Minimum Industry Safety Training for Downstream Operations (MISTDO) for workers and personnel in Downstream Operations and facilities.  

The Minimum Industry Safety Training for Downstream Operations (MISTDO) is a program designed to enhance safety training and competence of personnel engaged in the Downstream sector (including petroleum haulage drivers and assistants), possess the basic knowledge of the risk associated with their respective roles.

This was contained in notice issued by the agency and released on Monday.

The training program is also a platform to effectively monitor and coordinate basic safety training activities in the downstream sector.

In view of this, DPR is inviting applications for accreditation from interested, competent and reputable companies who wish to establish MISTDO Safety Training Centres.

The Petroleum Regulatory Agency has also urged all applications to be made on the Department’s Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP) portal by selecting MISTDO Permit under the Specialized Category.

According to the agency, the minimum requirements for the establishment of MISTDO center is not a difficult one. However, training providers intending to establish MISTDO Training Centres shall meet the follow certain requirements prior to the application on (OGISP). The requirements include the fact that the proposed facility must “be a place considered safe and appropriate, designated for Safety Training and devoid of known hazards and threats e.g. Safe distance from Ignition sources, car parks, residential occupants, etc. Be exclusive in an area that is fully fenced to ensure safety of personnel.

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources. Timipre Sylva.

“The corporate name under which the training service is offered shall be exclusively for Safety and/or Oil and Gas Training; be aesthetically pleasing and accessible; Have necessary safety signages within the facility for information.

“Availability of office(s) and training room(s) that are in good condition; classroom for delegates shall be spacious, furnished with tables and chairs, adequate ventilation, adequate lighting, audio-visual capabilities and internet access. The facility must have trained first aiders, first aid kit and possess retainership with close by medical facilities; have a functional power system with high availability.

“The facility must also have adequate convenience accessible to trainees within the facility and should be in good condition with steady water supply; Possess appropriate security monitoring and surveillance systems such as security personnel, CCTV etc. Also, the Mineral Oils (Safety) Regulations (MOSR) 1997 shall be conspicuously displayed in the facility; xii. The facility must also have other equipment that can enhance the conduct of the trainings and also have an adequate Management System in place.

DPR added that the Management System (MS) of the facility shall comply at the minimum with the following: Have a clearly defined organogram; have a clearly defined management commitment; have a clearly defined procedure and commitment on professionalism by staff members; have a robust trainee and staff feedback system;  have a clearly defined emergency procedures and emergency response systems, have a document / data management and control policy, have an inspection and maintenance policy/procedure and also have a procedure for accident reporting and investigation.

DRP also require that MISTDO facility must have a thoroughly spelt out training content, traniners and equipment. According to DPR, “the training centre must develop a robust and well-prepared training plan, contents and presentation slides in line with the objectives of DPR approved modules covering at the minimum, the course outline applicable to the MISTDO course. The slides should include relevant/appropriate videos/pictures that can enhance learning. The use of local dialects for training delivery is highly encouraged.

DPR said “The training centre must develop a Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Risk Assessment for practical training sessions/hands-on practical sessions. Documentation of the corresponding mitigation / corrective measures should be made available on demand. The MISTDO module and practical are to be designed to be a one-day training course with a minimum duration of five (5) hours.

“The training centre must have qualified instructor(s) with valid and applicable certifications (curriculum vitae, copies of certificates). Instructors must also possess adequate / relevant years of experience. The training centre must possess all relevant equipment for the training modules. Third party certification / accreditation of training courses and/or centre by relevant national or international bodies is an added advantage. The training centre must possess computer systems and ICT capabilities (hardware and software) to access the MISTDO Approved Training Provider Portal for registering personnel on the portal”, the agency added.

The agency urged all stakeholders to comply with the directive, saying it will commence enforcement of the MISTDO from September 1st, 2020.

The agency said “all stakeholders are hereby informed that effective 1st September 2020, DPR shall commence the enforcement of MISTDO for all Downstream Operations and facilities including LPG stations, Retail Outlets, Petroleum Product Depots, Jetties, Lube Plants, Industrial Gas Users and Petroleum Truck Drivers and Truck Assistants (Motor boys) in the following states – Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Rivers, Imo, Enugu, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Niger, Nasarawa and Gombe.

“Effective 1st January 2021, compliance shall be extended nationwide and issuance of operational licenses for downstream facilities shall be predicated on compliance of staff to MISTDO training. For further information on MISTDO accreditation requirements and program, please visit www.dpr.gov.ng or mistdo.dpr.gov.ng.”, the agency said.

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