How trucker commit suicide over alleged Ogun traffc agency’s frustration


There was commotion at Ogun State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement (TRACE) centre, Abeokuta on Monday as a suspected truck owner / trucking company manager, Fatai Salami, committed suicide within the premises of the agency over an alleged inability to raise N215, 000 fine imposed on him for traffic offence.

Haulage & Logistics Magazine gathered that the incident happened on Monday 20th July, 2020 the diseased drank Sniper.

It was gathered that Salami died at the premises of the Ogun State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement (TRACE) centre, where he was allegedly asked to pay a fine of N215,000 for violation of the Covid-19 lockdown directives in the State.

It was gathered that Salami”s truck was seized by the TRACE agents for about five days in Abeokuta. He was allegedly asked to pay the fine for failing to abide by the Covid-19 Lockdown orders, which included social distancing and not wearing facemask. Sources said the diseased went to plead with the officials for the release of the truck but it was a fruitless mission. When he continued pleading and being dragged around by the TRACE officials, he became frustrated and decided to commit suicide.

The Public Relations Officer of TRACE, Mr. Babatunde Akinbiyi confirmed the development but however, Akinbiyi said that the deceased was neither the truck driver nor the owner.

Adebiyi also denied the allegation that TRACE charged Fatai a fine of N215,000 for flouting the lockdown rules and said that they later found out that Fatai was a manager that looked after a fleet of trucks owned by another person. He said the owner of the truck company had warned Fatai to either return the seized truck or risk losing his job

Akinbiyi said “the man was neither the truck owner nor the driver. One of our officials and people around saw him sitting on the floor and they asked him to stand up. As he stood up, he brought out something from his pocket an drank it.”

“It was later on, after he had lost consciousness and was being rushed to the hospital, that we looked at what he drank and found out it was Sniper. One of his bosses, who also stood around, saw him drink it and screamed but before they could reach out to him, it had gone down his throat.”

“After we rushed him to a nearby hospital in Ijaye, he couldn’t make it back to life. We have reported the case at Ibara Police Station here in Abeokuta.”

“We can’t say, but may be that’s why he committed suicide. He chose to die than lose his job. It’s so sad and unfortunate.”
“So, he was neither a driver nor a truck owner, we don’t know what he came here to do.”
“Most of them normally come to the premises, so his case is not different. But whoever violates the lockdown rules will be fined and if the fine is too high for him to pay, he has the right to report the agency” Babatunde concluded.

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