HAULMACE 2021: Stakeholders set to discuss Winning Strategy in Haulage, Logistics Business


The 2021 edition of the Haulage & Logistics Magazine Annual Conference and Exhibition (HAULMACE) has been scheduled to hold on Tuesday October 26, 2021 and as a result, stakeholders in the haulage, logistics and allied sector have set to converge once again, to discuss the winning strategy that will lead to building a strong partnership that will enhance business success in the sector.

 The event which will take place at The Stable, 41, Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos, (Former Union Bank Sports Complex) is the 7th edition of the annual conference which started in 2015. The theme of the haulamce 2021 is “Building Strong Partnerships: A Winning Strategy in the Haulage and Logistics Value Chain in Nigeria”.     

The managing director, GPC Energy And Logistics Ltd, Mr. Elvis Okonji is the keynote speaker for the event while some notable stakeholders in the sector will speak during the panel discussion.                                              

With increasing hostilities and security challenges in the world over and Nigeria in particular, there is the need for stakeholders in the haulage and logistics value chain to have greater collaboration. This is the only winning strategy in order to have greater access and win in the market place. It is for this reason; HAULMACE 2021 is placing the need for strong partnerships in the front burner so that these issues can be well dimensioned, understood and put to use effectively by all parties.

The aim of HAULMACE 2021 is to build strong partnerships among stakeholders in the haulage and logistics value chain in Nigeria in order to develop more robust and resilient supply chains that will ensure greater success in the market place. After attending HAULMACE 2021, stakeholders in the haulage and logistics industry are expected to develop a strategy for winning in the market place.

Those expected at the event are the chief executives of haulage companies, supply chain managers and logistics directors of various organizations, top executives of manufacturing companies, executives and members of various industry associations in the haulage industry (NARTO, PTD, and NUPENG). Also relevant road traffic law enforcement/governmental agencies. (State and Federal), banks and other financiers of haulage assets as well as insurance Companies are expected to grace the occasion.

Haulage and Logistics Magazine Annual Conference and Exhibition (HAULMACE) is the biggest gathering of decision makers in the haulage and logistics industry in Nigeria.  The event is organized by Haulage and Logistics Magazine- the first and widest circulating truly haulage magazine in Nigeria. The aim of the annual event is to provide a platform for advocacy and addressing of pressing issues affecting the growth and development of the industry.

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