In a bid to decongest and enhancing efficiency in Nigeria’s transportation sector, the Minister of Transportation, Senator Said Alkali, inaugurated the first maiden train cargo trip and loading of 30 coach container wagons train from Apapa Port to Ibadan.

The first ever train cargo trip, which commenced yesterday, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing mission to relieve the burden on Apapa Port and streamline the movement of goods across the country.The momentous occasion, aimed at a transformative initiative of transporting 90 trucks of 40-foot containers daily, poised to revolutionize Nigeria’s logistics landscape.The journey from Apapa Port to Ibadan, which spans approximately 130 kilometers, was completed with utmost efficiency and punctuality.The 30 coach container wagons, loaded with a diverse range of goods, embarked on their maiden voyage, showcasing the immense potential of rail transport in Nigeria.The train is expected to make this crucial trip three times daily, ensuring a continuous flow of goods to various parts of the countryThe decision to shift container transportation from road to rail is a strategic move that promises multifaceted benefits. By embracing rail transport, the government aims to minimize the traffic congestion that has plagued the Apapa area for years, leading to significant economic losses and hampered trade activities. Moreover, this shift will help reduce the wear and tear on roads, enhance safety, and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation system.The groundbreaking achievement has been met with widespread acclaim and optimism from stakeholders across the nation, with business owners, importers, exporters, and citizens alike, eagerly anticipating the positive impact this initiative will have on the economy, job creation, and overall ease of doing business.The current administration is committed to prioritizing infrastructure development and implementing innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by the transportation sector.As this transformative initiative gains momentum, plans are already underway to expand the network and establish similar container transportation routes to other key locations across Nigeria. This strategic expansion will not only enhance connectivity but also foster regional integration and bolster economic growth.The trip to Ibadan represents a significant leap forward in Nigeria’s pursuit of a modern, efficient, and sustainable transportation system and serves as a testament to the government’s dedication to improving trade facilitation, reducing logistics costs, and positioning Nigeria as a regional logistics hub.With the successful launch of this game-changing initiative, it is clear that Nigeria’s transportation sector is on an exciting trajectory towards progress. The days of traffic congestion and logistical bottlenecks at Apapa Port are numbered, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the nation as a whole.

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